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Shout-outs, Mentions and Features

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I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I read all the different ways people are leading the charge with coming up with smart solutions to lower their waste and begin living more sustainably. Whether it's small collectives making and sharing dishes with one another to make meal prep easier to manage or forming groups online to help one another find quality alternatives to single-use items. It's all working and we are moving the needle together! Public Goods and Services is excited to be a part of these conversations and we will continue to work hard to provide solutions for reducing waste.

Check out some of the shout-outs we've received for our shop and come join us in the movement!

  • NBC King5 Evening News Magazine

    Public Goods and Services King5 Evening Magazine
    Seattle Zero Waste Store Offer Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic

    Public Goods and Services has everything from laundry soap to toothpaste in bulk and encourages 'BYOP' - bring your own packaging

    The massive amount of plastic polluting our oceans is inspiring people to find alternatives.

    In 2018 Jolene Dobson opened a store of her own to fight disposable culture: Public Goods and Services. This small store offers goods that come plastic-free, and helps shoppers reduce, re-use and refill by providing alternatives to goods that usually come packed in plastic. Like bars of dish soap instead of plastic bottles. Laundry detergent without the plastic and pods.

    Watch here!
  • Healthy-ish Online

    Could Zero-Waste Stores Be The Future Of Retail?

    Bon Appétit Magazine: March 2019 Issue + Online

    Read the full story at Bon Appetit: 5 Stores That Make It Easy To Go Plastic-Free.

    Public Goods and Services in Bon Appetit Magazine

    Public Goods and Services - Bon Appetit Magazine

    The Home Goods Store
    Public Goods and Services

    This is where you go to get reusable cotton bags for storing vegetables, stainless-steel tiffin containers, beeswax wrap, and refillable cleaning supplies like laundry detergent (you've got to wash those bags somehow).
    - Rachel Sugar, contributor, Bon Appétit Magazine

  • Zero Waste: local stores offer refill stations for cleaning and beauty products - Rachel Belle
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