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Reusable Glass + Cork Edition KeepCup

The world's first barista standard reusable cup.

  • Press-fit lid, tempered glass, and natural cork band for sensory pleasure on the go. Features:
    • Tempered soda lime glass makes this cup durable, shock resistant, and able to withstand high temperatures.
    • The band is upcycled from the waste by-product of wine cork production in Portugal. The cork is bound using a vegan food-grade polyurethane (only 8% used for the total band) making it water-resistant, anti-bacterial, and heat resistant.
    • Lid and plug are BPA/ BPS free and use Polypropylene #7 (Lid), LDPE #4 (plug).
  • Since the KeepCup glass is tempered, it means it’s tough – but not unbreakable. A drop, or rapid temperature changes may break or shatter the glass. Do not put cold liquids into a hot glass, or place on a wet cold surface when hot.

    Don’t use abrasive materials or cloths when cleaning (just like you wouldn't cleaning other glass objects).

    For everyday use, a quick rinse will do it – but it's recommended to give it a thorough clean once a week.

    The lid and plug are durable. These components are dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

    Cork Care

    The cork may stain, and we encourage you to view this as a natural patina to the product. Do not microwave KeepCup Brew Cork Edition, it will accelerate the deterioration of the cork band by drying it out.

    For longevity, KeepCup advises customers to hand wash only and to never remove the cork band, over time it will form a tight bond to the tumbler. For best results, leave the KeepCup Brew Cork Edition to dry prior to its next use.

    Removing the cork band risks breaking or cracking as it bumps over the glass indent. Do not remove the band for general cleaning. If you need to remove your cork band, please follow the instructions on the KeepCup site.


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