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Children's Outdoor Broom

  • Get ready to let the little ones help out in the yard with their very own broom! This adorable street sweeping broom features a handle made of untreated beechwood with a leather loop to hang up in the garage. The brush is made of durable vegetable fiber (arenga) and perfect for outdoor use in the garden area, patio, driveways, and walkways.

    Best for ages: 3-8 years old.

    35" Handle (90cm)

    Bürstenhaus Redecker has been handcrafting brushes in Germany for over 75 years. Their expertise and high standards are showcased in all of their brushes. 

  • Made in Germany.

    We apply a light, non-toxic, english wax to the handles of all our brooms. Redecker delivers the brooms bare and we feel it is important to keep the wood protected making it last longer!