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Magnetic Dustpan + Hand Brush Set

  • This is a no-fuss, cleaning combo hand-crafted from oiled beechwood and ethically sourced horsehair. The stiff, sturdy bristles excel at cleaning cobwebs and sweeping dust and the finest particles. Before being threaded into a brush, the horsehair bristles are washed, scoured and combed in a thorough, multi-stage cleaning process. Redecker's proprietary finishing treatment guarantees exceptional quality, optimizing each material's inherent benefits.

    This set measures 14.1"long, 8.3" wide, and 5.1" high and features an embedded magnet to conveniently keep both pieces together.

    Bürstenhaus Redecker has been handcrafting brushes in Germany for over 75 years. Their expertise and high standards are showcased in all of their brushes.

  • Rinse with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution, towel blot to remove excess moisture, and hang dry with bristles down to prevent water damage to the handle.