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Plat Culinary Wide Tote

The Aplat + Chef Melissa King Shibori Tote is inspired by King’s cooking style, blending California local goods with French techniques and delicate Asian flavors. Aplat Shibori is a limited edition tote to celebrate Chef King's homage to Japan and its influence on her style of cooking. Shibori — a Japanese tie-dyed fabric has been selected by King to line the interior of our culinary totes.

  • The wide plate tote is designed to carry large rectangular party platters, pans, and casseroles. Simply slide your plate through the wide 2-inch center opening. Plat totes are sturdy and keep items horizontal and upright while in transit. Perfect for potlucks, picnics, as a gift, and everyday shopping. Fashion for your food.

    • Dimensions are 15” x 16.5” (flat) with a 2” wide center opening.
    • Holds 9” x 13” to 11” x 15” rectangle casserole pans or 9”–13” round bowls and pie pans.
    • 13” straps are sewn in load bearing areas and reinforced with bartack stitches.
    • Aplat totes are handcrafted in San Francisco. U.S. Patent D768,380.
    • High quality preshrunk 10 oz 100% organic cotton canvas produced from environmentally friendly sustainable fibers.
    • 100% organic cotton Japanese Shibori lining.
    • No hardware, plastic or toxic elastic.
    • Zero waste design and manufacturing.
  • Reusable and washable.

    Machine wash hot or cold.

    Machine or air dry.

    Iron if needed.

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