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Premium Liquid Laundry Refill

Our HE machine-safe, extra-effective premium liquid laundry detergent works for all your extra-greasy, smelly, dirty laundry. Allergy-friendly in a fragrance-free, dye-free formula. It’s highly concentrated and just a little bit is all that is needed to clean the dirtiest of dirty laundry. Ultra Premium Laundry Liquid is boosted by live enzymes so it works to dissolve tough stains and odors.

Refill: 45c/oz

  • Water, plants: lauryl methyl ester sulfonate, alcohol ethoxylate, coco glucoside, protease, lauryl, decyl glucoside, carboxymethyl inulin, propanediol, glycerin, mannanase, amylase, citric acid, potassium cocoate, minerals: potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride, biodegradable synthetics: sodium secondary alkyl sulfonate, epa safer synthetics: methylglycinediacetic acid, sodium salt, benzisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol

    Extra concentrated and suitable for hot or cold water washes. Drain-safe and readily biodegradable. Leaves no residue or toxic chemicals on your clothes. Earth-friendly (no SLS, SLES, EDTA, brighteners, butyl, phthalates, chlorine, or phosphates).

  • For a medium-sized, moderately soiled load, use 1/2 oz per load. Use more for larger or more heavily soiled loads. Pretreat difficult stains by rubbing a small amount of the liquid directly to the stain; then wash as usual.

    Origin: USA