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Refillable Spray Bottles for Powders

Our refillable powder mist spray bottles are the perfect alternative to traditional aerosol bottles!

  • The unique interior mechanism helps gather the product towards the inner tube, allowing for maximum product depletion. Fill and refill with body powders or dry shampoo powders.

    Powder Mist Spray Bottles Available

    • Fine Mist - 1oz/ 30ml
    • Medium Mist - 4oz/ 120ml

    No time to DIY? Fill or refill powder mist spray bottles with our premade dry shampoo.

  • Usage: Remove the top of the sprayer and fill 3/4 full with a fine powder mixture. Screw on the top and press several times to initiate spray. When you're not using the bottle, keep the cap on to protect the powder from humidity.