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Rose Geranium Hydrosol Refill

Organic rose geranium hydrosol is a sweet, graceful botanical water that can help harmonize your skin and promote an uplifting atmosphere to benefit the mind. Use in place of water in fine body care recipes, or directly on your skin in the bath or after a shower.

Refill: $4.50/oz

  • Our rose geranium hydrosol is created in the Pacific Northwest via water-steam distillation of fresh flowers Pelargonium spp.

    Organic. There is no preservative in this product, therefore, the shelf life is 3-6 months. To extend the life of your hydrosol, keep in a cool, dark location or refrigerated.

  • After cleansing, use as a prepping mist on your skin before applying serums to hold moisture in and promote a balanced complexion.

    Origin: USA