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Stainless Steel Razor with Pivoting Head Bundle

Are you on your last razor cartridge and ready to move to a plastic-free alternative? Are you still a bit intimidated by the classic safety razor? If so, the Leaf multi-blade, pivoting head safety razor is for you.

  • The Leaf razor is a hybrid between a cartridge style razor (without the plastic waste) and a safety razor (if it had a pivoting head). Load 1, 2, or all three blades in the loading tray. The blades will always set straight due to the magnetized stoppers. Apply pressure to the pivoting head (just like you would with your cartridge-style razor) for a clean, close shave.

    Available in black or silver, our bundle includes:
    • Leaf 3 blade razor with a lifetime warranty
    • Solid heavy metal stand
    • 50 blades: 100 edges when you snap them in the paper before
    • loading them up in your Leaf
    • Blade disposal tin
  • How to load the razor:
    • Grab two double edge blades
    • Snap double edge blades in half. Keep paper on blades for protection
    • Place the first blade down - The grooves and magnet of the razor should hold the blade in place
    • Once you’ve loaded the desired amount of blades, turn the dial on the top of the razor to secure

    Additional replacement blades available here.

    Care: Store in a dry place to maximize the life of blades. Monthly cleaning for the razor: take a soft-bristle toothbrush and scrub the head of the razor with hand soap or dish soap to remove left-over shave cream residue.