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Algramo Refill Vending Machines

Refill Vending Machines

+ I’ve seen these vending machines pop up in Europe for bath + body products but I wasn’t aware they made it to the US. And, I thought Costco would be the first to try this out since they have all that crazy space in their stores.

+ Closed Loop Partners invested in Algramo, a Chile-based startup that’s an app and mobile vending service, to launch refillable stations for Clorox Bleach, Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner, Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, and hand sanitizer from EcoLogic Solutions this past August in NYC.

+ Great interim solution (IMO) until we can get all the cleaning ‘things’ in a concentrated tablet that dissolve in water.

Check out their current locations, about Algramo, and more.

Ziploc Paper Sandwich BagsRecyclable Paper Lunch Bags?

+ This new campaign from Ziploc has been in every feed on my social and I was so very confused as to why. They are paper bags, they are recyclable, and include stickers to seal the bags (wha?). Cost is $5.99-$649 for 50. You can get 100 plain lunch bags, sans sticker, for $1.99.

+ It’s on my watchlist because I clearly don’t understand the innovative “wow” factor here. I assume it's just to show they have non-plastic sandwich bags now.

Check out their Amazon landing page to see more 'features'.