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PUBLIC is your neighborhood low-waste living shop and go-to resource for sustainable goods and refills. We believe that with back-to-basics, everyday solutions we can reduce single-use product and food waste.

We understand that time is valuable and lives are busy. It’s our promise to you that our products and solutions will be simple and easy to put into practice.

Each of our curated products is thoughtfully researched and thoroughly vetted as an alternative to those that are single-use. Almost all of these products we use in our own lives; the rest are either recommended by customers or people we know and trust.

Whether you’re just starting out transitioning to a low-waste life or have been on the path for years, we take the guesswork out of which products are the most effective and effortless to use.

Our Founder

Jolene began her own journey toward a lower-waste lifestyle while working closely with Fortune 500 companies that were developing sustainable product lines. It got her thinking about her own impact on the environment and how we, as individuals, can make a significant contribution to cleaning things up simply by reducing the waste we produce.

As she started out trying to find replacements for single-use products and minimize her waste from food, it was very much trial and error. Some products and solutions worked really well, others not so much. She knew there had to be a better way to make a low-waste life doable. Our lives are so busy and time so valuable, and in order to make a dent in the waste being produced, she knew that she needed to take the guesswork out reducing it.

So, after 20 years working in advertising and marketing for household, technology, and financial brands, she decided it was time to open PUBLIC and she hasn’t looked back once!

"I know I’m doing the work I was meant to do: Using my knowledge of how product labels (like eco-labels) and claims are used in marketing to help consumers navigate the world of low waste in a conscious, informed, and truly impactful way."
- Jolene Dobson, Founder and Owner, PUBLIC

Halloween Hangover (The Candy Kind)

Halloween Hangover (The Candy Kind)

6 min read

Are you prepared for the inevitable Halloween hangover (the candy kind)? We have a few ideas for reducing waste as you sort through all that loot with the kids tonight.

  • Cash For Candy
  • Candy Pick-up
  • Wrapper Recycling

The Issue with Tissue

1 min read

What’s your toilet paper situation? Tree-free, bamboo, recycled, paper-free, virgin-pulp?

Toilet Paper Scorecard

Shout-outs, Mentions and Features

2 min read

Public Goods and Services Featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, The Seattle Times, and Seattle Magazine

What's Behind That Label?

1 min read

With over 450 eco-labels (or seals) out there, some aren’t regulated as much as they should be or fall short of their expectations. Using one-three directories, all available to the public, can give you some great information to understand what's behind that label.