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Halloween Hangover (The Candy Kind)

6 min read

Are you prepared for the inevitable Halloween hangover (the candy kind)? We have a few ideas for reducing waste as you sort through all that loot with the kids tonight.

  • Cash For Candy
  • Candy Pick-up
  • Wrapper Recycling
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The Issue with Tissue

1 min read

What’s your toilet paper situation? Tree-free, bamboo, recycled, paper-free, virgin-pulp?

Toilet Paper Scorecard

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Shout-outs, Mentions and Features

2 min read

Public Goods and Services Featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, The Seattle Times, and Seattle Magazine
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What's Behind That Label?

1 min read

With over 450 eco-labels (or seals) out there, some aren’t regulated as much as they should be or fall short of their expectations. Using one-three directories, all available to the public, can give you some great information to understand what's behind that label. 

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Get to Know Your Plastic Resin Number

3 min read

It's important to understand how to responsibly recycle plastics in your home as you embark on making the swap to sustainable alternatives. We have summarized the most common numbers displayed on products, and if they can be recycled or reused, what to watch out for with bio-based plastics on the rise and certification logos you want to see on any packaging in the event you do need to purchase a packaged product. 
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Join Hawaii in Saving Coral Reefs

1 min read

Hawaii just banned 70% of common sunscreens that contain oxybenzone (the most common compound found in some 3,500 sunscreens worldwide) and octinoxate (which is even more toxic than oxybenzone but usually found in lower concentrations). Why?

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We're Ready for Plastic Free July!

1 min read

We're participating in Plastic Free July. Are you?
Download the Action Picker and choose your challenges for the month. Share your successes by simply mentioning @PlasticFreeJuly and @apublicshop including #ChooseToRefuse -  your efforts will inspire others!
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