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DOVE Refillable Deodorant

After 2 years in development, Dove launched their first refillable deodorant in January 2021. The stainless steel container comes with a lifetime guarantee and the deodorant is available in 12 scents. Not completely plastic-free, it uses 54% less plastic than their stick and the plastic they do use is 98% recycled. 

The company is encouraging their consumers to "buy less, but better". They say that in order to keep the deodorant fresh and hygienic, plastic is still necessary – but to minimize its impact, they use 54% less plastic in this refillable deodorant than in a regular Dove 0% stick pack. And, the small amount of plastic they do use is 98% recycled.

It’s currently available online at Target/ Walmart for 14.99 (Refills 9.99) and at some of their physical stores. 

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The Gabriola Island (BC) Recycling Organization is up for a grant to create a textile recovery program and contribute to a circular economy.

The grant would be used to take the stained, dirty, ripped, torn, damaged, over-used, and worn out clothing that can’t be sold at their restore and either fix the items (wash/repair) or re-purpose the material by breaking it down into smaller pieces to use for fiber fill for things like cushions or footstools.

Their long term goal is to receive textile discard waste from all thrift and consignment stores in Nanaimo with the hope of diverting 23,600 kilos (about 52,000 lbs) of textile waste from the landfill by 2024.

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COCA-COLA Paper Bottle Trial

Back in November 2020, The Coca-Cola Company (partnering with Danish startup Paboco) unveiled their first-generation paper bottle prototype. It consists of a paper shell with a 100% recycled plastic closure and liner inside. The company is now ready for commercial trial and will be launching the dairy-free smoothie AdeZ in Hungary.

They are still working on a prototype for their other products (liquids, beauty) with a goal to recycle the entire container as you would any other type of paper.  As they say on their site, it's a step forward.

Coca-Cola is still the World’s number 1 plastic polluter and this initiative is apart of their ‘World Without Waste’ program launched in 2018.

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