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Natural Wool Dryer Balls

Moss Creek Wool Works pure wool dryer balls are the eco-friendly solution to fabric softener and dryer sheets. Simply toss the balls into your dryer to reduce drying time and soften laundry without perfumes, dyes, or chemicals. 

  • The wool is sustainably sourced from farms that do not practice mulesing and each ball is handcrafted in Canada using only Merino, Polwarth or Corriedale wool. They are tested to last for 500+ loads and contain no chemicals, perfumes or dyes.

    • Safe for cloth diapers and anyone with sensitive skin. 
    • Ideal for fluffing up down jackets, duvets, and pillows. 
    • To scent clothes, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the wool balls.
    • To avoid lost balls, simply store them in your dryer between loads.
    • To prevent static cling, avoid over drying and remove synthetic clothing early. 
    • Wool is biodegradable. Plant them in the garden where they decompose releasing valuable nutrients. 
    • The grey wool ball color is natural sheep coloring and will not transfer onto wet clothes. 
    • Wool balls make great pet toys!