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Liquid Stain + Odor Remover Spray Refill

Kick stink and stains to the curb. Cleans stains and odors caused by foods, body fluids (blood, vomit, urine, feces), coffee, wine, grease and oil, dirt, and more. Available in citrus or lavender scent.

Refill: 20c/oz

  • Deionized water, plants: enzyme hybrid, alcohol ethoxylate

    There are no harsh chemicals known for causing health issues, i.e. SLS, SLES, Laureth-7, Butyl, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, glycol ether, brighteners, or EDTA. Our allergy-friendly formula is also free from dyes and fragrances.

  • Spray soiled area then cover with a damp cloth to keep the area moist, allowing enzymes to “digest” odors and soils.

    Light Soils: Remove the wet cloth, allow the area to dry, then wash as normal.

    Heavier Soils: After ten minutes, remove the damp cloth and spray a little freshwater onto the area, then rub and blot with a clean cloth to remove the stain/odor residue. Wash as normal. Repeat as needed for stubborn stains and odors.

    Origin: USA