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Bring your own containers for walk-in refills Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 11am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm. 

You may also choose to use our order form below to order Curbside Drop off + Pickup or West Seattle Pickup + Delivery.

Curbside Drop off / Pickup
Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11am-6pm
 and Saturday-Sunday: 11am-5pm.
+ Fill out the form below, anytime.

+ Text us (917-923-2227) when you arrive and we'll grab your containers, refill them, and process payment while you wait. If you need other products from our shop, let us know and we'll add them to your order.

Have other errands to run? No problem! We can text you when your order is ready for pick up. Take advantage of our 30-minute loading zone right outside the shop.

West Seattle Pickup + Drop off
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 10am-10:45am.
+ Have your containers ready for pick up at your home by 10am. Please include a note in your bag or box if it's not clear what goes in each container.
+ When your order is ready, we will email a link to pay online. Once we receive payment, we will mark your order for same-day delivery.

+ Orders are delivered after 6pm.

You can also add any products from our shop to be included in your order. Purchase them online, as usual, and choose Local Delivery at checkout, or list them on the order form and they will be added to your invoice.

Thank you for reusing your containers and refilling with us!