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Wood Handle Toilet Brush + Replaceable Heads

  • Oiled thermowod handle with high-quality, durable, long-lasting nylon replaceable head. We prefer to use nylon brush heads to deter bacteria breeding in between uses.

    Measures: 15.35” long / 39 cm

    Thermowood absorbs little or no water and is practically insensitive to moisture. It is ideal for all products used in areas where wood is exposed to high moisture levels – from baths to saunas.

  • Tips for a long-lasting toilet brush. + Rinse the brush head in clean water after every use. + Allow the brush to air-dry before storing (we position our brush over the bowl between the seat and bowl to allow it to dry.) + Ideally, you should disinfect your toilet brush weekly, however, if you are able to allow it to dry between uses, you can disinfect monthly. We dissolve a mixture of baking soda and alcohol or citric acid in a bucket of hot water to cover the brush head. Allow to sit in the bucket for at least 2-hours. Remove the brush and rinse under hot water.