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Jojoba Cream Refill

Silky smooth, lightweight, and fragrance-free. This powerful emollient mimics the natural oils produced by the body, acting as a protective shield against the elements. It locks in moisture for hours, keeping skin feeling hydrated, soft, and supple. Luxuriously gentle and non-comedogenic, Jojoba Cream does not block pores and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Refill: $5.15/oz

  • Unscented jojoba esters.

    Gluten-free, hexane free, and vegan. Keep away from direct heat or sunlight (to mitigate melting).

  • This natural moisturizer can be used day or night for the face, hands, and body. It makes a fantastic alternative to chemical-filled makeup removers. Note: A little goes a long way!

    Origin: Washington