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Bottle Cleaning Brushes with Wool Tips

  • These brushes are perfect fits for cleaning tea/coffee pot spouts, champagne glasses, vases, and bottles of various sizes. Can be used under boiling water. Made of natural-fiber bristles, zinc-coated metal wire, and wool tip which is naturally anti-bacterial.

    Wool Tip Bottle Brush Sizes Available
    Medium 12" L, 4" bristle length/ 1.25" W (most popular for various bottles)
    Large 12" L, 4" bristle length/ 2" W (fits large bottle necks and containers)

    Available In-store only
    Extra Large 20.5" long with bristle area length of 5" (fits car boys, 5 gallon jugs)
    Extra Large 20.5" long with bristle diameter of .75" (fits olive oil + wine bottle necks)

  • CARE: For maintenance, clean with soap and warm water; towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry.

    Made in Germany.