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Reusable Cotton Cheesecloth - 4 Yards

Four yards of lint-free, unbleached cotton cheesecloth ready to be cut down to size for your cooking or cleaning task. And then washed and reused over and over.

  • Great for food preparation, filtering, straining and cleaning, and so much more!

    Use Ideas:
    + Cheesemaking
    + Dusting
    + Cleaning
    + Making Nut Milk
    + Bouquet garni (herb sachet) for stocks, broths, or braising
    + Making clarified butter
    + Creating your own cold brew concentrate
    + Making super creamy greek-style yogurt
    + Squeezing some fresh pulp-free juice

    36 square feet

  • Grade 90 weave for maximum strength and durability.

    Very fine mesh.

    Care: Clean with warm water before first use. Between uses, best to immediately rinse in cold water wash with gentle detergent, drip dry or line dry only. After a few uses, soak for a few minutes in baking soda to refresh.