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Scrub Pads

  • The Skoy Scrub is made from the remnant cotton fibers from the toweling industry that would have otherwise been thrown away. This is why you will never get the exact same scrub pattern!

    They get their super scrubbing power from the food grade non-toxic hardened coating and when compared to traditional scrubbers, the Skoy Scrub outlasts them 5-1. 

    The scrub is safe on most surfaces including non-stick pans, ceramic stovetops, and glass.

    • Remove baked on foods from hard surfaces such as pots and pans
    • Clean stovetops, counters (even marble), and stainless steel
    • Scrub the dirt off root vegetables
    • Remove windshield bug bits
    • Hard water deposits and grout cleaning
    • Great for camping and the office
  • NOTE: We do not recommend using the Skoy Scrub to clean the inside of rice cookers.

  • The scrub can easily be cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher and if you get that cooked egg stuck in them, simply fold and scrub it on itself under water to wash it away.