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Unpaper® Towel Refill Pack - Set of 6

  • We love our Swedish Dish Cloths for most spills and cleaning, but sometimes something softer is in order to replace your paper towel usage. Made from soft, absorbent 100% cotton flannel fabric, these towels can be used for cleaning up spills, wiping down counters, or even as napkins at mealtime.

    • Towels are single-ply 100% cotton flannel.
    • Edges are sewn for durability and to prevent fraying.
    • Each towel is 12"x10" - this pack is a set of 6!
    • Towels naturally cling together, making it easy to roll them up without the need for snaps.Can be rolled around most paper towel cardboard tubes if you want to re-use what you have! This set does not include a cardboard tube, but one can be purchased in store if you don't have one handy!
    • Can also be stacked and stored in a basket or drawer!
  • Care: Wash before use. After they've been washed, simply stack them up and re-roll one at a time. Collect the dirties in a bin or Wet Bag. Machine wash hot with like colors. Tumble dry low. Absorbency increases after a few washes!

    Made in Eugene, Oregon