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Wool Wash Laundry Soap

  • Formulated with moisturizing lanolin, this natural soap is the low-waste solution for washing your precious wool garments. The bars are handmade in small batches with biodegradable, natural ingredients and lightly scented with essential oil.  Psst.... You can also use in the shower & for hand washing. Lanolin acts a moisture locking barrier against the skin keeping your bodies natural oils in and leaves you feeling hydrated.

    Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, lanolin, castor, essential oils of lemongrass

  • Usage: Fill your sink with lukewarm water. Rub the bar between your hands to get a good lather. Rub gently into your wool garment to remove dirt and stains. Rinse your wool in the sink. This soap will replenish the wool with it's natural oils enhancing the benefits of the garment and creating a better waterproof layer. For an even better protective layer, you will want to fully lanolize your wool with our 100% pure lanolin.