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Dishwashing Brush Replacement Head

  • This brush head attaches to both our beechwood and silicone handles. The replaceable head measures 1-1/2" in diameter.

  • Bürstenhaus Redecker has been handcrafting brushes in Germany for over 80 years. Their expertise and high standards are showcased in all of their brushes.
  • General care: For maintenance, rinse with water; towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry.

    Tips for making your brush last longer:
    Woodcare: Before use, use a food-grade wax or butcher block conditioner on the exposed wood. Repeat once a month. 

    Cleaning: Soak the bristles in a shallow dish mixture of vinegar and water for 20 minutes once or twice a month to disinfect.

    Bristle Straightening: Wrap damp bristles in a hair tie or rubber band overnight to bring your brush back to life.