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Silicone Dish Brush Handle

  • These patented stainless steel and silicone dishwashing brush handles are particularly durable and make your dishwashing brush even more sustainable.

    To insert or change the brush head, simply pull down on the silicone part of the handle.

    Available in Dark Blue, Sand or Reed with or without the plant fiber brush head. 

    Shop plant fiber compostable replacement brush heads.

    Handle Size: 8.5-inch (21.5 cm)

    Bürstenhaus Redecker has been handcrafting brushes in Germany for over 80 years. Their expertise and high standards are showcased in all of their brushes.

    Made in Germany

  • General Care: Clean using water and mild soap. Towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry completely.

    Tips for making your brush head last longer:

    Soak the bristles in a shallow dish mixture of vinegar and water for 20 minutes once or twice a month to disinfect.

    Bristle Straightening: Wrap damp bristles in a hair tie or rubber band overnight to bring your brush back to life.

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